He is known as Ser Jorah Mormont, John Hanning Speke, Sir Richard Carlisle, Jarrod Slade. But what is more important, he is Iain Glen, a great Scottish actor. Regarded as “The greatest Scottish theatre actor of his generation,” Glen has successfully left a mark not only in films and TV but also in theater. Beginning his career as a stage artist, he eventually made a successful transition to films and TV.

And this amazing man celebrates his 59th birthday today! We’d like to invite you to check how well you know our birthday boy. Here are some interesting facts about Iain Glen:

Glen is not one of the many actors who knew from childhood that he wanted to become an actor. In fact, he did not enter the world of acting until he was already in university. He studied at the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RADA). There, he studied alongside another prominent actor, Ralph Fiennes.

Iain Glen is a talented musician. He can play both the guitar and the piano. Besides, he has acted in musicals in the past, most notably starring opposite Nicole Kidman in Martin Guerre.

Iain Glen is not the only person in his family, who is connected with acting and the entertainment industry. His older brother, Hamish, is currently the artistic director for Belgrade Theater, and he was the artistic director for the Dundee Repertory Theater in years past.

Glen likes to roam naked in his house unless needed otherwise. Moreover, he doesn’t mind public nudity. He tells the Daily Mail, “It’s a personal quirk, but I’ve never minded being nude in public.”

What an interesting person, right? Have you known any of these facts before? What was new for you? Please, write in the comments below. If you’d like to learn more about Iain Glen, be sure to visit prabook.com.

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