About Prabook

Prabook is the largest online database of historic and contemporary people. It provides content compiled from various biographical sources, such as international and national Who’s Who editions, biographical dictionaries, magazines, and other publications. Currently, the database consists of 3 million biographies, 0.6 million of which are public and the rest 2.4 million are available only to subscribers.

An approach to the content is based not only on a popularity criterion. Along with famous people and celebrities, it preserves information about any persons important to their professional or local communities. This makes the database both the largest and unique, as it covers people who are not mentioned in other encyclopedias because of their little worldwide fame.

Biographical articles may combine textual information with photos describing life events as well as other pictures that convey ideas and the spirit of the times. Prabook also offers diverse search options to give accurate results on queries, helping researchers to find people based on collateral features, or to find links between people and any given subject or historic event.