How does Prabook’s search work?

There are different types of search options for navigating the database.

Search by text is a default type of search on the website. It allows users to find people connected to certain objects or events by searching for specific information in their biographies.

Another search option is a search by name. It helps get clear results when a user wants to find a specific person in the database, knowing his name.

For subscribers, additional search options are available. They allow users to find people according to the information mentioned in separate sections of articles such as Works, Education, Career, Political or Religious views, and others.

The most useful tool for researchers is an advanced search. Based on 13 categories, an advanced search allows users to find people by specific biographical facts, such as a person’s nationality, birth date and place, professional activity, place of education and place of work, political and religious affiliation and other facts.

Subscribers can also combine different types of search options.