What are the benefits of subscription?

Prabook offers the largest biographical database of people, whose lives are spread over time from BC until nowadays. We believe that along with famous people and celebrities there should be a place to keep the memory of lesser-known persons including local artists, scholars, executives or people important to their professional communities.

With articles about 3 million people containing photo albums and illustrations of creativity, Prabook greatly surpasses any existing biographical sources.

While some content and services are public, users can take advantage of a subscription that grants the following benefits:

– Access to the full database of 3 million entries including rare content from archives, biographical dictionaries, and “Who’s Who” editions.

– Use of unique search combinations provided by extra tabs and advanced search boxes.

– Access to the map that shows locations related to people’s life events.

– This year, WBE will release an exclusive knowledge graph for Prabook subscribers. It is a feature that allows researchers to establish and visualize links between various people.

Please note that the subscription is currently available only to legal entities. If you are an individual please advise Prabook to your local library , so you can use the full version of the site via their network.