Great news! Brian Rutenberg’s exhibition The Pond is extended through July 10! So, if for some reason you haven’t checked out this charming show, you have a great chance to do it. This exhibition features twelve new abstract landscape paintings by the artist, inspired by the heat, humidity and landscape of his native South Carolina Lowcountry.

That’s what Brian Rutenberg writes about this latest body of work:

“Humidity made me a painter. All of these new paintings are meditations on an imaginary pond as seen through veils of South Carolina Lowcountry heat. The oval has been a primary shape in my work for forty-five years; my first paintings were watercolors of a pond near my childhood home in Myrtle Beach, where I spent a lot of time because I had buck teeth and was horrible at sports. Little did I know, the directness and simplicity of those studies would provide me with a lifetime of imagery. Everything I’m trying to do in my paintings is embodied in the solitary act of viewing a pond. Foreground is close, my sneakers on the muddy bank. Middle ground is the protective gelatin of water. Background is far away. Content is a function of how near or far away things appear from your face. As I walk around to the other side, that which was hidden becomes visible. Likewise, a painting doesn’t reveal itself all at once, but in flecks of partial recognition. I love parades and processionals for this reason. A processional abandons its starting point. Travel eliminates its origins. We are where we go. I paint because I can never see enough places. So, I return to one. My movement becomes a pond, the pond becomes a thought, and the thought returns me to the wealth of humidity.”

By the way, the artist has released his second monograph, A Little Long Time. This large-scale, hardcover book documents works completed since the publication of Brian Rutenberg (Radius Books) in 2008. A Little Long Time comprises 152 pages, 129 color plates and a lively text by Rutenberg that draws on his life experience and what took him on his career path as a painter.

There’s one more place where you can learn a lot of interesting about Brian Rutenberg. It’s our website Welcome!

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