What makes you happy? Please, write your variants in the comments below. We really want to know it, as we are all so different and the level of our happiness depends on diverse things and factors. So, feel free to share your ideas.

By the way, we realize that many of you can find this question quite complex and philosophical. There are plenty of books and even scientific works written on the subject, but still, there’s no universal recipe for happiness.

In Can We Be Happier?, Richard Layard explores what happiness is and how it can be achieved. More and more people start to realize that economic growth, however desirable, cannot solve all our problems. Instead, we need a philosophy and a science which embodies a much wider range of human needs and experiences.

In this book, the author argues that the goal of a society must be the greatest possible all-round happiness. Besides, he shows how each of us can become more effective creators of happiness, both as citizens and in our own organizations.

“He [Richard Layard] provides evidence that if you have peace of mind and are full of joy, your health will be good, your family will be happy and that happiness will affect the atmosphere of the community in which you live.”—The Dalai Lama

Can We Be Happier? provides compelling evidence that increasing happiness is the right goal, and that it can be achieved. Its language is simple, its evidence impressive, its effect inspiring. We guarantee!

Do you want to read more about Richard Layard? You can do it on our site, prabook.com. Here you can also find other works by the author.

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