Life in the dark—that’s all we can say about the current situation. The economies of dozens of the most powerful countries have been undermined; millions of people lose their jobs and try to make ends meet. That’s why we urge to help—if you can—public and private institutions, which are closed now. They really need your support.

Although no one knows exactly when we will get back to a normal life, we try to stay optimistic and believe that soon this mayhem will end. Meanwhile, we offer you to visit one amazing exhibition at the Ashmolean Museum. It’s called Young Rembrandt. Taking into account the present-day epidemiological situation, the museum is currently closed. But you can still visit it virtually.

The Young Rembrandt exhibition covers the first and most essential years of Rembrandt’s artistic career. “Spanning the years 1624 to 1634, it traces how a young and unremarkable artist from Leiden became the superstar of 17th-century Amsterdam and one of the greatest artists of all time.”

When the artist took his first steps in painting around 1624–1625, there was nothing particularly promising about his work. But during the subsequent years, he was relentless in his efforts to improve and master his technique and style. He worked not only in painting but also in printmaking and drawing. Constantly experimenting, Rembrandt learns from his mistakes and tries his hand at new techniques. And this show allows us to follow the steps by which he established himself as an extraordinary talent.

In order to help understand this metamorphosis, Rembrandt’s works are shown alongside works by key painters, who had a great impact on his development. Moreover, the exhibition consists of five parts: Rembrandt and Leiden, Rembrandt and Lievens in Leiden, Ambition and Innovation, Establishing The Rembrandt Style, Rembrandt in Amsterdam. As you can understand, you have a great opportunity not only relish the artist’s outstanding artworks but also learn a lot of interesting details regarding his life.

If you have a desire to read Rembrandt’s full biography, please, visit On our website, we’ve created his biographical profile. Interesting facts, quotes and the most prominent works by the artist—all this can be found on our site.

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