At the beginning of April, Luke Brown released his book—Theft. The author currently lives in London, although he is frequently in Manchester where he works as an editor, and as a lecturer at the Centre for New Writing at the University of Manchester. His debut novel, My Biggest Lie, was published by Canongate in 2014. And now he author is happy to present his second novel.

Paul is a journalist, who has realized that he will always be better known for reviewing haircuts than for his literary journalism. He is about to be kicked out of his cheap apartment in east London. Moreover, his sister has gone missing after an argument about what to do with the house where they were born and raised. After the death of their mother, this is the last link they have.

One day, Paul was granted a rare interview with Emily Nardini, a cult author, who receives him into her surprisingly sublime home. Paul is immediately intrigued: by Emily and her fictions, by her annoyingly successful partner Andrew (who is twice her age), and also by Andrew’s daughter Sophie, a journalist whose sexed-up vision of the revolution has gone viral. More and more obsessed with strained relationships, Paul travels up and down, north and south, torn between the town he thought he had escaped and the city that threatens to chew him up.

With heart, bite and humor, Luke Brown leads the reader beyond easy partisanism and into much trickier terrain. Straddling the fissures within a man and his country, riven by envy, wealth, ownership, entitlement, and loss, Theft is an exhilarating howl of a novel.

If you want to learn more about Luke Brown, please, visit

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