How do you usually cope with your life problems and personal tragedies?

We mean that life can be really tough sometimes and in such particularly difficult moments we all start to search for some ways to drown out the pain. Some find their relief in back-breaking work, others go on a trip. There are also those who instead of fighting for their happiness prefer to give up and become, for example, drug addicts or alcoholics.

But there are also people who plunge into the world of art and try to express all they feel in their music or paintings. And these works automatically become more than just pieces of art.

And how we’d like to ask you what thoughts come to your mind when you look at this pot? Just a pot. Nothing special, right?

But for Jean-Pierre Raynaud, it’s much more than just a pot. The thing is that the artist lost his father during World War II. His death became a real trial for Jean-Pierre and it had a serious impact on his entire life. So, Raynaud suffered a mental panic disorder in 1961. Through it all, Jean-Pierre Raynaud started his spiritual treatment by painting and filling up the pot with cement. The pot was a symbolic object; it represented the loss of his father during the war. This quickly became the hallmark of the artist.

Believe it or not, but such simple thing as a plant pot became his salvation. As a result, his professional artistic career began in 1964, in Paris, with the Salon de la Jeune Sculpture. From that time on, his work has been exhibited all around the world, including Japan, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Cuba, Belgium, etc.

If you are interested in Jean-Pierre Raynaud’s detailed biography, visit And don’t forget to join our campaign—Veteran’s Album! We and thousands of other people are waiting for your stories.

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