When Trumpets Fade is a 1998 war film directed by John Irvin and starring Ron Eldard, Frank Whaley, Zak Orth, and Dylan Bruno. The story is set during the World War II Battle of Hürtgen Forest, in the autumn of 1944.

Private David Manning (Ron Eldard) reluctantly leaves behind a mortally wounded fellow soldier and searches for survivors from his platoon, only to learn from commanding officer Captain Pritchett that they have all been killed in action.

He joins a new company trying to get a medical waive, and although having difficulties to respect his superiors. Despite requesting a discharge on the grounds of mental disability, he is promoted to sergeant due to his leadership and instinct of survival.

Placed, to general misgivings, in charge of a squad of naive replacements, Manning makes a deal with Captain Pritchett (Martin Donovan): he will knock out the artillery threatening the assault on a critical bridge in return for a Section 8. Put in charge of new replacements, he is torn between training the new men, and staying out of the fight so he will stay alive.

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