Thomas Childers is a great historian and educator, who has written a number of books. He gained his Doctor of Philosophy in History in 1976 from Harvard University, so as you can understand the level of his knowledge and professionalism is extremely high! Most of his works are deviled to the Second World War and everything connected with it. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of some of his works that deserve your attention, especially if you are interested in world history.

The Nazi Voter: The Social Foundations of Fascism in Germany, 1919-1933

This is the first study based on a large national sample of both urban and rural districts examines the Nazi constituency. This work explores how it was formed, from which social groups, under what conditions, and with what promised. The author uses advanced statistical techniques to analyze each national election of the Weimar era. So, Childres offers a new and challenging interpretation of who voted for Hitler’s NSDAP and why. He also provides a systematic examination of the Nazi campaign strategy.

Soldier from the War Returning

Are you familiar with one of the most enduring national myths, which surrounds the men and women who fought in the so-called “Good War.” According to that myth, The Greatest Generation fought heroically, and then returned to America happy, healthy and well-adjusted. They quickly and cheerfully went on with the business of rebuilding their lives.

In this shocking and beautiful book, Thomas Childers destroys that myth. He interweaves the personal story of three families—including his own—with a decades’ worth of research to paint an entirely new picture of the war’s aftermath.

The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany

In this volume, Thomas Childers shows how young Hitler became passionately political and anti-Semitic. Fueled by outrage at the punitive terms imposed on Germany by the Versailles Treaty, Hitler found his voice and drew a loyal following.

The Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany is based in part on German documents rarely used by previous historians. The book is a “powerful…reminder of what happens when power goes unchecked” (San Francisco Book Review). Perhaps, this is the most comprehensive and readable one-volume history of Nazi Germany since the classic The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

Wings Of Morning

On April 21, 1945, the twelve-member crew of the Black Cat set off on one of the last air missions of World War II. Ten never came back. This book tells about that crew—where its members came from, how they trained, what it was like to fly a B-24 through enemy flak, and who was waiting for them to come home.

Historian Thomas Childers, nephew of the Black Cat’s radio operator, has reconstructed the lives and tragic deaths of all of these men through their letters home and interviews, both with their families and with German villagers who lived near the crash site.

We are sure that whatever book you pick, you’ll not regret, as all of them are real page-turners.

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