Even the same story can be told absolutely differently. It can be explained by the fact that people look at the world from different angles, and it’s a well-known truth. What bothers one person may seem insignificant to another. And it’s okay, it makes our world more diverse and exciting!

To prove it, we suggest you a challenge. Do you remember that we’ve recently posted a list of five books about war you should read? And there was a book called Hiroshima by John Hersey, which tells about one of the darkest days in the history of Japan when a Japanese city Hiroshima was destroyed by the first atom bomb ever dropped on a city.

Today we’d like to recommend you Day One: Before Hiroshima and After by Peter Wyden, an American journalist and writer, who examined such major 20th Century events and issues as the Holocaust, the atomic bomb, the Berlin Wall, mental illness, Masters and Johnson’s sex clinic, suburban kids, and the Spanish Civil War.

Wyden was known as the senior editor at McCall’s, Ladies’ Home Journal, Saturday Evening Post and other magazines, where, in common, he worked for a decade. He authored or co-authored 15 books and numerous articles that appeared in major magazines. Perhaps, his most successful book was Bay of Pigs: The Untold Story, research for it included a six-hour interview with Cuban premier Fidel Castro. But Day One: Before Hiroshima and After is of no less interest, trust us!

So, the idea of our challenge is that you, dear book lovers, read both books and decide which one is better (if it’s possible to choose between these two absolutely fantastic books). If you’re looking for a biography of Peter H. Wyden, please, visit prabook.com. On our site, you can find a lot of interesting information about this author as well as many others.

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