Today is a good day to join our campaign—Veteran’s Album. We hope that you remember about it. And if you hear about it for the first time, the thing is that we want to honor the memory of its warriors by telling their stories and sharing them with millions of other people worldwide. And we will be grateful if you join this campaign. If your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents or just some acquaintances of yours took part in WWII, please, share their stories right on our website. Let’s not forget. Let’s keep their memories alive!

We are sure that Daniel Mendelsohn would support this initiative as he is the author of such a book as The Lost, a gripping narrative telling about the story of his family.

Originally, it was just an attempt to find out what happened to six of his relatives during the Second World War. They vanished into thin air during the Holocaust. Their disappearance gripped Daniel Mendelsohn’s imagination from earliest childhood.

Decades later, the author discovered a cache of desperate letters written to his grandfather in 1939. Tantalized by fragmentary tales of a terrible betrayal, Daniel Mendelsohn decides to find the remaining eyewitnesses to his relatives’ fates.

Four continents. Dozens of countries. And this journey leads him, finally, back to the small Ukrainian town where his family’s story began, and where the solution to a decades-old mystery awaits him.

Deeply intimate, grippingly suspenseful, and talentedly written, The Lost transforms the story of one family into a profound, morally searching meditation on our fragile hold on the past.

We invite you to our website,, to check out the full version of the biography of Daniel Mendelsohn.

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