Reading is like gambling because you cannot stop reading until you know the end of the story. But what if you read the end of the story at the beginning of the book without knowing its prehistory? Do you think that reverse chronology can make a book less interesting? If you do, we’re here to change your mind!

Just read The Night Watch by Sarah Waters. Shortlisted for both the 2006 Man Booker Prize and the 2006 Orange Prize, this novel takes place in 1940s London during and after World War II. At the heart of the story are four Londoners and the storyline follows their fragmented lives and the strange interconnections.

But who are our heroes? Kay, Helen and Julia, three lesbians; Viv, a straight woman; and Duncan, her brother, whose sexuality is ambiguous. Their lives, and those of their friends and lovers, connect in tragedy, staggering surprise and unexpected turns, only to change irreversibly in the shadow of a grand historical event.

By that way, have you known that there’s a TV-adaptation of this book? On November 25, 2010, BBC2 network announced the cast for the television adaptation of The Night Watch. It was adapted by a great British screenwriter, Paula Milne, and directed by Richard Laxton. It was broadcast on 12 July 2011 on BBC Two.

We invite you to to check out the biography of Sarah Waters. And join our campaign Veteran’s Album! More details on our website.

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