“Systemic racism is something that diminishes all of us. Of course its worst effects are for its victims, but our entire country is held back through the inequality and the mistrust that it creates.”— Pete Buttigieg

The existing inequality has caused numerous disturbances in our society over the centuries. And after all the attempts to solve this problem, it still hasn’t disappeared. If you want to study this issue more thoroughly, we recommend you to check out Adam S. Cohen’s book, Supreme Inequality: The Supreme Court’s Fifty-Year Battle for a More Unjust America. This is a revelatory examination of the conservative direction of the Supreme Court over the last fifty years since the Nixon administration.

In 1969, Richard Nixon became a new president and launched an assault on the Supreme Court, appointing four conservative justices in just three years. He dismantled its previous liberal majority, setting it on a rightward course that continues to today.

If we remember, the Court, led by Chief Justice Earl Warren, it was a powerful force that protected the rights of the poor and racial minorities. It did a lot for expanding equality, e.g. its rulings united schools across the South, established the Miranda warning for suspects in police custody, and recognized the principle of one person, one vote. But when Warren retired, there was a dramatic coup. Nixon nominated four new people to put a stop to that liberal agenda. The Court turned into a force that defended his own views about what kind of nation America should be.

It seems that today’s Court does little to protect the rights of the poor and disadvantaged. It has not been on their side for fifty years. Many of the greatest successes of the Warren Court, including school desegregation, voting rights, and protecting workers, have been abandoned. Instead, the new Court protects corporations and privileged Americans.

Read this great work, as it will show you how much damage the Court has done to America’s ideals of equality, democracy, and justice.

If you want to find other works by Adam Cohen or learn more about the author himself, please, visit prabook.com.

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