It’s XXI century. Looking back we can say with confidence that humanity has taken a huge step forward in its development. New technologies, new medicines, new scientific discoveries. However, there’re still traces of outdated views and world outlooks, race discrimination in particular. Although there is an abundance of human rights organizations and their supporters all over the world, it’s still a problem.

In his new book, People Like Us: What it Takes to Make it in Modern Britain, Hashi Mohamed tells about social mobility and its lack today. The author was raised on benefits and attended some of the lowest-performing schools in the country. So, he knows something about this social mobility.

But what is wrong with our world? First of all, we live in a society where the most important indicator of what your job will be is the job of your parents. In our modern society, power and privileges are concentrated among the 7 per cent of the population—those who received private educated. If your name sounds black or Asian, you’ll have to send twice as many job applications as your white neighbour. That’s what our modern society looks like.

So, what does it take to make it in modern Britain?

You can ask a politician, a millionaire, a CEO or anyone else and you will hear absolutely different answers. To reveal the true state of things, read this book, as it’s an essential investigation into our society’s most intractable problem.

Hashi Mohamed believes that we have more power than we realize to change things for the better. And what are your thoughts? Do we?

If you want to learn more about Hashi Mohamed, please, visit

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