Alex Katz has recently introduced the world to his brand-new series of dancers’ portraits, Coca Cola Girls. Fragile and strong, gentle and independent, these dancers cannot but captivate their audience.

This series as well as Dancers and Red Dancers besides Ada and many more works were brought together under one show titled Red Dancer and Other New Works 2020. This exhibition is held at Galerie Frank Fluegel. However, hours or services may differ due to COVID-19. Please, confirm details with event organisers.

Speaking about Katz’s new artworks, they focus on isolated parts of the body shown in arrested motion. This approach gives the whole series a sense of movement, which is magnified by the artist through radical cropping. This original format is inspired by the imagery of television and Hollywood cinema. This technique is used by Alex Katz to convey the most arresting effect. And the artist does it brilliantly and talentedly!

Alex Katz’s friend and poet Frank O’Hara described: “For Katz the image, and his TV, billboard or movie close-up discovery, provided a way of both isolating and abstracting each separate feature, as if it were an arc, a rhomboid, an ellipse, within the psychological unity which the audience imparts to a recognisable form.”

The repeated use of red gives these new paintings a notable intensity, contrasting with the brightness and dynamism of the dancer’s figure, executed with swift strokes on a monochromatic background.

“The gestures interest me, which go right to the heart of dance.”—Alex Katz

If you want to learn more about Alex Katz, please, visit

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