Do you like to watch movies and theatrical performances? We do. It’s impressive how people can disguise their true identity and play someone absolutely different. Although there are hundreds or even thousands of skeptical people who believe that the profession of an actor is very easy, it’s far from the case.

And you have a unique chance to delve into the heads of an Irish theater legend and her daughter, who is also an actress, and dawdle about. Just read Anne Enright’s recently released novel, Actress. But be careful, this book can ruin your previous views and opinions. If you’re ready, then let this story consume you.

Katherine O’Dell is the Irish theater legend, we’ve told you about. She started her career on Ireland’s bus-and-truck circuit before making it to London’s West End, Broadway, and finally Hollywood. Every moment of her life is a performance, with her young daughter, Norah, standing in the wings. Everything seems perfect. But the mother-daughter romance cannot survive Katherine’s painful past or the world’s damage. Fueled by a proud and long-accumulating rage, she commits a queer crime— she shot a TV producer in the foot.

Norah, a talented girl, who followed in her mother’s footsteps and chose the career of an actress, has gradually changed her role, becoming her mother’s protector, caregiver, and finally legacy-keeper. Around this time, Norah also reveals the shocking truth about her own sexual and emotional coming-of-age story.

Actress tells about two generations of women with difficult sexual histories, both assaulted and silenced, who try to find ways to recover. Anne Enright shows the maddening yet tender love that binds a mother and daughter.

If you want to find other works by Anne Teresa Enright or learn more about the author herself, please, visit

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