Are you stuck in a routine? Are your eyes longing for new places to see? Does your heart yearn for new exciting adventures? We know what can help you. Island Paintings II – Landscapes of the Pacific Northwest Coast. This is the current David Haughton’s exhibition at Gallery 110.

This show comprises the artist’s new landscapes of the British Columbia and Washington coasts. David Haughton is sure that he has “island” in his DNA, that’s because his grandmother came from the Greek island of Naxos. And as soon as you visit this exhibition you start to believe him.

Haughton states that each island has its own world, distinct yet familiar. When you travel the waters between them by ferry or small boat, your heart fills with anticipation of new lands to explore, and the new loves and adventures you may experience.

Although David Haughton began work on these paintings over a decade ago, he had started his preparatory work in 1975. That year he was voyaging alone for the first time, free camping on ridges overlooking the Aegean and its many islands, experiencing the joy and wonder of each dawn.

With a backpack and by bicycle, Haughton explored most of the Greek islands, painting as he went. Then he started working his way around the isles of British Columbia — and Washington State.

The show closes on May 2, be sure to visit it!

If you want to learn more about David Haughton, please, visit

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