Hey, guys! What’s up? How are you doing today? We really hope that you don’t lose heart and have a great time, despite the current situation in the world. But we know how to make it even better, as we want to recommend Major Jackson’s recently released poetry collection, The Absurd Man.

Here’s some info about the author. Major Jackson is an American poet and professor of English. As the author, he is particularly known for his award-winning books Leaving Saturn and Roll Deep. Jackson has received plenty of awards for his work, including the 2000 Cave Canem Poetry Prize for his first book Leaving Saturn, 2003 Whiting Award for poetry, 2004 Pushcart Prize for a poem, and the 2016 Vermont Book Award, among others.

As for this new volume of poetry, it was inspired by Albert Camus’s seminal Myth of Sisyphus. Major Jackson’s fifth volume presents the poet as “absurd hero” and plunges headlong into a search for stability in such an unstable world. Jackson’s speaker contemplates creation in the face of meaninglessness, chronicles an increasingly technological world and the difficulties of social and political unity, explores a failed marriage, and grieves his lost mother with stunning, clear lyricism.

Too many questions, so it’s time to find their answers. And our hero manages to do it! He bravely confronts his past, including his betrayals and his mistakes. He also questions who he is as a father, as a husband, as a son, and as a poet. Now he’s not afraid to answer all these questions.

In The Absurd Man, the author considers the journey of humanity, with all its foibles, as a sacred pattern of discovery reconciled by art and the imagination.

An ideal book for this spring! If you want to find other works by Major Jackson or learn more about the author himself, please, visit prabook.com.

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