Yesterday amazing Reese Witherspoon celebrated her 44th birthday. She became an American sweetheart in the 2000s after her famous appearances in Legally Blonde and Cruel Intentions. Today, Reese is still on the top, so let’s learn some interesting facts about her.

Reese was a football and wrestling cheerleader when she was younger. She was also a gymnast for seven years when she was younger. Leading up to the production of Water for Elephants (2011), Witherspoon went to circus school for three months. She practiced acrobatics and trapeze with Cirque du Soleil performers, and thanks her days as a gymnast for her flexibility.

She is an avid book-worm. She refers to herself as “a big dork who reads loads of books,” which earned her the nickname “Little Type A” as a schoolgirl for being a good student and getting good grades. She also has a book club on Instagram where she recommends a new book every month.

Reese has some influential friends. Amongst the guests at her wedding were Renée Zellweger, Matthew McConaughey, Tobey Maguire, Robert Downey Jr., Alyssa Milano, Isla Fisher, Selma Blair, and Salma Hayek.

Reese was one of the first celebrities to advocate for the #AskHerMore movement, which aims to “call out sexist reporting and suggest ways to re-focus on women’s achievements.”

She confesses the best gift she’s ever received is the best gift she’s ever given: it’s her kids.

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