Alma Allen is a self-taught American sculptor, who works with such materials, as wood, bronze and marble. His works suggest a fondness for the desert flora and landscape. Besides his sculptures, Allen also creates utilitarian objects, such as stools, tables and bowls, all of which employ the same attention to detail.

Until March 4, his brand-new works can be found at Kasmin Gallery in New York. This is first solo exhibition of work by sculptor Alma Allen. It consists of 12 large-scale sculptures realized in bronze, wood, and stone. But this sculptures differ from Allen’s previous works, as the sculptor demonstrates unprecedented ambition in the works’ scale. What do we mean? This show presents his tallest sculpture to date—a bronze measuring approximately 16 feet at its highest point.

Alma Allen’s psychologically charged and highly expressive works evoke a curiosity about the life of objects and the ways in which form and material can circumnavigate the utility of language. Known for his distillation of diverse organic references, the artist’s works simultaneously invite and resist classification.

The materials of his works are often realized from quarries or foraged from landscapes in the area surrounding his studio. And whichever medium Allen chooses, the works’ final forms are created by the artist during their making, since they are born during a wordless conversation between sculptor and object. This results in the works emitting a mysterious and ineffable lifeforce.

Alma Allen’s process of creation includes preindustrial methods of hand-shaping and carving as well as advanced 21st-century technology. Firstly, the sculptor repeatedly reworks finger-scale clay maquettes, and then Allen employs, as needed, a self-built robotic device for translation into large-scale works. Besides, a bronze foundry, built in the artist’s studio in Tepoztlán, Mexico, enables Allen to complete his sculptures on site.

These sculptures impress and charm everyone. Come to Kasmin and see for yourself.

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