Do you know how many languages are there in the world? Linguists can not come to a consensus: some believe that there are about 3,000 languages in the world, others – more than 6,000. The problem lies in the definition of language and the fuzzy border between the language and the dialect.

And have you noticed that words in another language can be really mysterious? They not only create an invisible barrier but also become the key to a new world.

But there’s a universal language whose words and phrases can be understood everywhere – music. This means of communication is one step ahead of verbal language and it can easily unite people of different nations. And Gregor Hildebrandt strongly believes in this.

Hildebrandt has been using music in the form of analogue data carriers for over 20 years. Cassettes and records have become the central material and content components of many of his artworks.

The artist combines video or cassette tapes, creating images on canvas with calligraphic or floral motifs, or geometric patterns. Deformed vinyl records stack into columns and walls. Sometimes, they also become the raw material of homage to materials of our everyday life, like wood or textiles.

In general, Gregor Hildebrandt devotes himself in many ways and forms to the cultural and everyday elements of the reality surrounding him. In this process, music becomes a connecting element and a medium of remembrance.

We believe that now you’re full of desire to visit Hildebrandt’s exhibition. And you know what? You can do it right now. His works are currently on view at Galerie Klüser in Munich. Wörter in anderer Sprache – that’s how the show titled – runs through February 1. The exhibition is a composition of works of art that link different phases in the artist’s life and work.

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