In the (very) beginning by Su-Mei Tse.

If you want something less eccentric but no less awesome, this show is for you. Held at Peter Blum Gallery, this exhibition is the artist’s fifth solo show with the gallery.

Her works simple in form are the melange of sculpture, photography, sound, video, and installation that symbolizes the evanescent life experiences. They contemplate existence, notions of time, and rhythm.

Impressions of everyday life, be it a fleeting thought, passing state, or a visual or auditory experience, are lyrically embodied in her work.

By the way, before completing visual arts studies, Tse was initially trained as a classical cellist. She has featured music or something related to it in one way or another from the very beginning of her artistic path. For instance, her early performative works, 1999 ‘La Marionette’ and 2001 ‘Das wohltemperierte Klavier,’ were accompanied by cello and piano performances, and they played a pivotal role in the act. 

Since the artist uses various media, you can not only see and heard the artist’s works, but you can feel them. In the film Shaping, which is a part of the show, Tse presents an ongoing act of clay being formed by hand and then dissolving. The film is accompanied by a soundtrack based on low frequencies and has no ending with the result, as its purpose is to demonstrate continual movements creating an endless choreography.

The show In the (very) beginning will be open until January 18.

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