Have you ever thought why people like abstract art? Quite often it’s viewed incomprehensible and even senseless. But it’s not like that. Actually, this kind of art is based on background, as soon as you know what’s behind this or that picture, you can better understand not only the painting but also its creator. And this discovery can be extremely exciting.

Today we invite you to the world of such artist as Fabienne Verdier. Do you know any of her works? We hope, you do, for she has been exhibited her mind-blowing paintings at numerous venues, including Musée Cernuschi, Paris, Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, the Foundation Hubert Looser, Zurich, the Chinese Ministry of Culture, and the Honda Group, Tokyo.

Currently, Galerie Lelong & Co., Paris, holds Autour d’un timbre – an exhibition of Fabienne Verdier’s 12 new pieces of work. The show runs through January 18.

What is a typical approach to painting? Well, usually a painter sits at her easel on a stool, painting signs that are the abstract image of things seen from afar. And Fabien Verdier has ruined this approach and developed her own. Verdier’s paintings are the real and immediate trace left on the canvas, itself placed on the floor, of the dance of her body which guides the giant, hanging paintbrush with a pigment. As a result, the artist’s large-format paintings reflect her body in movement.

By the way, why does she create such large paintings instead of translating them in a postage-stamp size? The answer is simple – the artist prefers to magnify a detail which preserves the energy and the vital flows that gave rise to the original work.

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