The final preparations before Christmas. Packing presents, cooking, driving home… How to have time to do everything? We… don’t know. Just don’t panic and enjoy every minute of this day!

We understand that your head full of thoughts today, but still we want to tell about one interesting exhibition. Currently, Lehmann Maupin holds Hernan Bas: TIME LIFE. This is Bas’s fifth solo exhibition with the gallery and it consists of seven large-scale paintings and one decorative room screen. This screen features a series of bizarre and seemingly obscure or forgotten moments that have influenced the culture of the United States.

This series spans time periods and themes and provides a unique perspective on American subculture and a contemporary version of History Painting. TIME LIFE illustrates the artist’s innate talent to highlight cult phenomena from the past that offers insight into the present-day political and social concerns.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the Time-Life Book series Mysteries of the Unknown, published between 1987 and 1991. Each book focused on a different paranormal topic, including UFOs, psychic powers, ghosts, and dreams. 

For the exhibition, Hernan Bas has produced a series of paintings, each focused on a singular topic, that navigates the boundaries between fiction and reality, pop culture and history, as well as Bas’s interests and curiosities.

The show closes on January 4, so you still have enough time to visit it.

Interested in Hernan Bas’ biography? Visit PRABOOK.COM! Want to read about other art events or releases of new books and movies? Just follow us!

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