Christmas and New Year are on the doorstep. Have you found perfect presents for all of your relatives and friends? If you’re in doubt, let us remind you that cultural events (exhibitions, concerts, etc.) quite often can bring the strongest and most memorable emotions. And art events are no exception. So, for instance, you can invite someone very close to you to Goya Contemporary.

Why have we chosen this gallery? Actually, because right now it holds an exhibition of Christine Neill’s works. And they are unbelievably amazing! The show is titled Invasive, Endangered, Beneficial and it runs through December 31. Come to the gallery and live some of the most beautiful and magical moments of your life.

Here’s some info about the artist. Christine Neill is a British artist, who creates her layered artworks featuring the natural world in two steps first painting the organic material in oil or watercolour then covering them with digital photos that are overpainted then. She found a way to document the temporary states of the natural world and the meeting points of environmental and anthropological spheres. Neill is also known for her night photography.

“As an artist, I feel compelled to visualize the damaged condition of our environment as I’ve observed and researched. I’m aware of how cultures, especially marginalized communities, are inequitably impacted by these perils.” – Christine Neill

By the way, you can read about other art events as well as releases of new books and movies every day! Just follow us! Be our guest!

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