A world-class storyteller, Perumal Murugan, is finally achieving recognition outside his home country, as an English translation of his new book, The Story of a Goat, was released on December 10.

One of India’s best-known writers, the author of the National Book Award-longlisted One Part Woman, Murugan returns with a heartwarming and astonishing tale of an orphaned goat and the family that decides to take care of her, in spite of the potential cost to them.

In this novel, the author shows a side of India that is rarely considered in the West, we mean, the rural life of the country’s farmers. Through the story of a helpless young animal lost in a world, it cannot understand, Perumal Murugan paints a pastoral yet sometimes ominous portrait, touchingly showing how danger and deceit can threaten the lives of the weak and needy. Is this little goat too humble and fragile to survive in such a hostile world?

This provocative but touching fable with allegorical resonance for the contemporary society and examining hierarchies of caste and colour is the book everyone should read. We mean it.

On PRABOOK.COM you can read Perumal Murugan’s biography. And if you want to read about other releases of new books and movies or current art events, follow us right now!

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