Anita Rogers Gallery is happy to present an exhibition of works by British artist William Scott. Titled William Scott: Paintings and Drawings, Fifties Through Eighties, the show features his 1950s – 1980s paintings and drawings. And you can enjoy some of the artworks in our post.

Speaking about the artist, William Scott is a prominent British artist of the Post-war generation. Together with Peter Lanyon and Patrick Heron, Scott was one of the giants of the Modernist movement in the United Kingdom.

By the way, there’s one story from Scott’s life we want to tell you about. In 1953, he held a show in London. James Johnson Sweeney, then director of the Guggenheim, visited it and was greatly impressed by Scott’s talent. After visiting the exhibition, Sweeney wrote in his letter to the gallerist Martha Jackson: “At last England has a painter.”

Later that same year William Scott went to New York, becoming one of the first British artists to visit it. There Martha Jackson introduced him to such artists as Rothko, De Kooning, Kline, and Pollock. In 1954, Scott, along with Hepworth and Bacon, took part in a three-person show at the MJ Gallery going on to exhibit with Jackson regularly through the next decade.

After that first trip to America, the artist returned to his European roots reinforced by the dynamism, confidence and scale of the work that he had seen in New York. In 1958, William Scott represented Britain at the Venice Biennale. Although his reputation was now expanding internationally, with the emergence of Pop and Conceptual art in the sixties and seventies.

William Scott’s work began to be overshadowed by younger artists such as Warhol and Rauschenberg.

Nevertheless, William Scott’s contribution to the world of art is tremendous. And to pay tribute to the master, the art gallery organized this show. It highlights a selection of works from the artist’s mid to late career, and introduce, or in some cases re-introduce, the artist to the New York public.

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