On November 6, David Zwirner opened an exhibition of new work by Tomma Abts. This is the artist’s first exhibition in New York since 2014 and the third solo presentation with the gallery.

It features paintings from two distinct but related bodies of work that, in different ways, show her sustained engagement with process and form. She has noted, “Making a painting is a long-winded process of finding a form for something intuited… and making whatever shape and form it takes as clear and precise as possible.”

If you see the artist’s works for the first time, here’s some general information about her. 

 – Tomma Abts is a German artist. A representative of the abstract movement, she is known for oil and acrylic canvases which hallmark is geometric forms of various shapes and colors arranged in different ways.

 – She studied mixed media at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin (currently Berlin University of the Arts) from 1989 to 1995.

– Although Abts has experimented with the canvases of all sizes, she adopted the dimension of 48 x 38 cm.

– She uses the dictionary of German first names to entitle her paintings.

Abts’s creative process isn’t fast because she has no predefined structure of the canvas. The artist elaborates the composition of each one spontaneously by carefully overlapping layers. The result is non-representational illusionistic images with special attention to details like the balance between shadows and light that creates a 3D effect.

You can read her full biography on PRABOOK.COM.

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