“The Last Cruze” by LaToya Ruby Frazier is currently on view at The Renaissance Society Art Museum in Chicago, Illinois.

LaToya Ruby Frazier is an American photographer, educator, and activist. A representative of the documentary genre, she explores in her images, video, and performances the questions of injustice, humanity, and history. The frequent personages of Frazier’s works are her friends, relatives, and working-class.

In her latest exhibition, the photographer presents artworks centred on the workers at General Motors plant in Lordstown, Ohio. After more than fifty years since its foundation, the facility of General Motors has recently been “unallocated.” It had a profound impact on the workers, their families, and the larger community there.

Featuring an extensive series of photos and other audio-visual elements, this show introduces a substantial new chapter in LaToya Ruby Frazier’s investigations of labour, family, and working-class lives.

Don’t forget to read LaToya Ruby Frazier’s biography on PRABOOK.COM. You’ll learn a lot of interesting information we promise!

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