We’d like to know how many fans of Brent Weeks are there? On October 22, the author presented to the public “The Burning White.” This is a long-awaited epic conclusion of Brent Weeks’s New York Times bestselling Lightbringer series. And we assume that if you’re a true fan of the author, it’s not news for you. But still.

The other books of the series include “The Black Prism,” “The Blinding Knife,” “The Broken Eye,” and “The Blood Mirror.” By the way, have you heard that the series was originally referred to as a trilogy, but has eventually been extended to a 5-book series?

You know nothing about this series? Well, let’s mention the most significant moments and facts. In the world of the Lightbringer series, there exists a special kind of magic called Chromaturgy, which involves turning light into a physical substance called Luxin. Those who use this magic are called Drafters, who learn how to harness their talent at the Chromeria.

Buy Brent Weeks’ book and add some magic to this Friday! And don’t forget to read his biography on PRABOOK.COM. It’s interesting.

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